Two great health benefits of living on the coast.

At present, many studies have been carried out through which some benefits of living in a coastal city have been called, a couple of them are:

It’s good for the joints: The beach is the best gym there is. Taking long walks by the sea, running along the shore, stretching on the sand of the best beaches … The possibilities are many and all of them have a positive effect on the joints. For this reason, many doctors recommend patients with these types of problems to play sports on the beach. A negative aspect of doing physical exercise near the sea is that the perception of pain is greater, but this does not mean that it is bad, it is simply a body reaction to sudden changes in temperature. To combat these ailments, heat can be applied to the areas in question and gentle exercise can be done.

Prevents fluid retention: A benefit of bathing in the sea in winter: activities such as swimming or diving are recommended for patients with fluid retention problems and heaviness in the legs, since the water exerts a slight pressure on the tissues body and organs and, in this way, mobilizes and eliminates fluids that are concentrated in the subcutaneous cellular tissue. Sports under water is also good for reducing and eliminating varicose veins, since it puts pressure on the veins and favors their drainage.

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